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محل زندگی: HANGZHOU
زندگی‌نامه: 1. 33kv 35kv 36kv Surge Arrester/lightning Arrester
ZnO lightning arrester is one kind of most advanced over-voltage protector at present due to its core components of resistance applying ZnO and other metal oxide to make of comparing with traditional carborundum arrester, it improves greatly V-A charcateristics of resistance,increases the getting through ability of resistance,thereby it brings fundamental,change to features of arrester.
2.Product service conditions
Ambient temperature:-40℃~+40℃
Maximum wind speed: not exceed 35m/s
Altitude: not exceed 2000m
Earthquake intensity: not exceed 8 degrees
Ice thickness: not exceed 10 meters.
Long-term applying voltage does not exceed the maximum coutinuous operating voltage.
3. Product characteristic
(1).Small size,Light weight,resistance to impact,no collision damage during transportation,flexible installation,suitable for use in the switch cabin.
(2).Special structure,the overall compression molding,no air gap,good sealing performance,moisture-proof and explosion-proof
(3).Large creepage distance,good hydrophobicity,strong stain resistance,stable performance and reduce operation maintenance.
(4).Unique formula of zinc oxide varistor, small leakage current,slow aging,long service life.
Model TypeRated Voltage/kVMCOV/kVSteep Current ImpulseSwitching Current ImpulseLightning Current Impulse2000s Square Wave Impulse Current Withstand4/10 S High Current Impulse/kV
4. Product Certification
5. Factory show

6.Contact us
XIGAO Electricenergy Group Co.,LTD.
Add.: No. 6, Weibei Industrial Park, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Pro., CN. 710600
Phone: 0086 13319220197
WhatsApp: 008613319220197
Skype: sunnysunny12271
Wechat: 13319220197
Website: www.zgxgdn.cnsurge arresters price
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